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3DT delivers innovative, reliable and effective corona and plasma surface treatment solutions.
The Process
The Corona Process
The Plasma Process
Necessary Dyne Levels

Thermal Atmospheric Plasma Process

Thermal Atmospheric Plasma is created by combining reactive gas molecules and an electric field. This system uses one or more high voltage electrodes which charge the surrounding blown gas molecules, resulting in a highly ionized field that is forced onto the targeted surface. This highly ionized air stream creates a thermal property that reacts with the substrate and breaks the existing hydrogen bonds by introducing oxygen which recreates the chemical properties of the surface. The atmospheric plasma or in air plasma process causes an intensified reaction with the material resulting in better wettability, stronger bonding traits and eliminates the possibility for unwanted backside treatment.

Read about the effectiveness of plasma and corona surface treatment for the packaging industry below.

Surface Treatment for the Packaging Industry- Contact Angle Proof        folded_glued_boxes