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Dyne Pens – Dyne Testing 38 Pen Set

The 38 dynes/cm test pen is a quick method of determining if a surface has been pretreated with corona or plasma surface treatment. The test pen is used as any other felt tip pen. If the line drawn on the surface to be tested is continuous, the material has been pretreated at no less than 38 dynes/cm and can be printed. If the line is interrupted, the surface has been poorly treated or not treated at all.

Test pens are available in packs of 10 (Part #53410-03).

Test Pens

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If you are dealing with poor bonding between media (such as ink or adhesive) and a low surface energy substrate please contact 3DT. A member of our team would be glad to discuss solutions for your adhesion challenges. We manufacture large and small, standard and custom systems for every application. Phone: 1-262-253-6700, email:


Treated and Untreated Polystyrene After a Dyne Pen Test

Dyne Pen Test - Treated and Untreated Polystyrene

Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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