Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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Dyne Test Solution

In this application, UltraDyne corona treats a tub as it quickly spins on a mandrel.  UltraDyne is capable of treating hundreds of cups per minute. 

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The Corona Process

Effective Corona Treatment for Cups, Web & More

The UltraDyne was specifically developed to improve the adhesion of ink for high-speed cup and tub printing in addition to narrow web and tube treatment. Utilizing a mandrel and 3DT’s custom blade electrode, UltraDyne provides robust corona discharge for these demanding applications.

UltaDyne’s custom blade design produces consistent, effective surface treatment and can be controlled by the printing press or another device. UltraDyne’s powerful corona discharge modifies the chemical structure of polymers creating a hydrophilic surface for the secure bond of printing inks and coatings.

UltraDyne meets the demands of high-speed Flexo & digital print technology

UltraDyne is especially suited for drinkware, stadium cups, and margarine tubs providing 360 degrees of surface treatment. With its high-power capability and short treat-time cycles, UltraDyne meets the rigors of demanding printing lines. This new system has the added benefit of corona treating and pinhole detection.

For narrow web & extrusion applications too!  

UltraDyne’s technology can be matched with treating stations for narrow web applications, too. It is compatible with inline production lines designed for corona treating plastic film for packaging and labels, or extruded plastic for home siding and more.

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UltraDyne is capable of adapting to both cup and narrow web (1M or less) applications. With the electrode being fitted to the customer’s mandrel or other fixture. System components:

  • Corona Generator
  • Internal HV Transformer
  • Corona blade electrode
  • Optional ozone filtration system
  • Built-in pinhole detection
  • Touch screen control system with feedback & troubleshooting

UltraDyne’s blade electrode is con- figured here for a trial on home siding.

Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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