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Corona & Plasma Surface Treatment

Modern, dependable film and web surface treatment

AFS designs, develops and manufactures high quality corona, plasma and perforating systems. With 30 years of experience, AFS has established a reputation for producing innovative systems made to the highest of standards in the film and web treatment industry. In fact, AFS is the preferred supplier to many machine manufacturers due to AFS systems’ superior performance in functionalizing difficult-to-bond materials.

AFS aims to protect the customers’ bottom line with flexible, robust design, and trouble-free, around-the-clock, continuous operation. AFS is located in Horgau, Germany and is represented by 3DT in North America. Are you interested in German engineering with state-side sales, service and support? You’ve come to the right place.

The AFS Advantage:

  • Surface treatment for a wide variety of substrates: plastics, paper, metals and textiles
  • Maximum bonding of inks, lacquers, coatings, and adhesives
  • Consistent, repeatable functionalization of surfaces
  • Systems are customizable to your application
  • Designed to easily integrate into your current production lines
  • AFS generators run at the resonant frequency for maximum efficiency
  • AFS generators have full text diagnostic and operating memory
  • Transformers are connected directly to the electrodes (no high voltage cable)

View just a few of AFS’ products below. Then contact 3DT to discuss your application.

Corona Treatment for Blown Film AFS


AFS corona stations and generators provide maximum surface treatment options for flexible use and energy efficiency through superior design. AFS offers a wide variety of corona systems. Two are featured below.

AVB- 150GB Standard System for Blown Film Lines

  • Electrode assemblies swing away in case of obstruction
  • Open access to electrodes for easy segment adjustment
  • Segmented electrodes for adjustment of the treating width
  • Available in silicon or ceramic covered rolls

AFS Printing, Lamination and Coating. View Brochure Here.


AVB 150GB Corona Treatment Brochure

AVB- 150CA Enhanced System for Advanced Blown Film Lines

  • Systems can be supplied with segmented electrodes, stainless steel tubes or ceramic electrodes
  • Systems can be optionally fitted with drives, pressure rollers, and water-cooled rolls
  • Systems can be equipped with special hold down systems for segmented electrodes

AVB 150CA. View Brochure Here.

AVB 150CA. View Brochure Here.

Corona for printing, laminating, coating 300E AFS


Look to AFS for solutions to your printing, laminating, coating and packaging needs. AFS’ advanced corona treating systems meet the challenges of complex composite materials. In converting applications, it is often necessary to refresh or boost the existing surface energy level, especially with water-based or UV inks and coatings. For this reason, AFS and 3DT offer standard and customized stations, working closely with OEMs in this area.

AFS Printing, Lamination and Coating. View Brochure Here.

AFS Printing, Lamination and Coating. View Brochure Here.

AFS Modular Generators


A revolutionary new concept: modular generators, designed to keep your production up and running and to provide new power differentials for demanding lines. The modular generator’ plug-and-play technology allows these modules to be quickly exchanged. The failure of one does not mean downtime- just a reduced output of power. Importantly, more modules mean more power. As a result, demanding corona treatment lines can maximize their output by increasing the number of modules.

AFS sets the standard in generator design for the surface treatment industry. They are reliable, efficient and user-friendly. All AFS generators operate with the same innovative technology developed and improved over many years. An efficiently operating generator, at the resonant frequency, ensures the longest possible life and the greatest energy yield. Read more detail about the advantages of AFS modular-based generators in our Blog article Maximizing Performance-Minimizing Downtime.

AFS Generator M Series. View Brochure Here.

AFS Generator M Series. View Brochure Here.

Why AFS? AFS builds reliable machines for trouble-free, around-the-clock operation, backed up by world wide service.

For more information, visit the AFS website at Select English in the upper left corner. Alternatively, contact us at, fill out the form below or give us a call at 262-253-6700.

Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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