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SOFTAL designs and manufactures innovative and powerful corona and plasma surface treatment for paper, plastic, metal and textile surfaces, even plastic boards and foam. Fifty years of surface treating experience have made SOFTAL one of the key players in this industry. Based in Hamburg, Germany, SOFTAL is represented by 3DT providing expert sales, service and support in North America.

Around the world, customers recognize SOFTAL as a leader in film and web surface treatment, placing their trust in SOFTAL’s highly effective, efficient and durable systems. Due to decades of experience and intensive research, our systems produce optimum bonding of inks, lacquers, coatings and adhesives resulting in increased productivity and improved quality without the need of primers.

Why choose SOFTAL? Because SOFTAL’s systems …

  • Treat the widest range of material sizes in the industry – from 10 inches to 10 meters wide
  • Are equipped with a generator power ratio of 1:10, offering unmatched flexibility in treating a variety of materials
  • Require less maintenance and have a longer life
  • Utilize robust design and corrosion-proof materials
  • Compact design with a pre-installed output transformer for quick and easy installation
  • Provide an ozone extraction and filtration system as an option
  • Custom systems supplied for specific applications
  • German engineering with US sales, service, and support

View a selection of SOFTAL’s specialized surface treatment products below.

SOFTAL Corona Treatment System

Corona Treating Stations

SOFTAL produces a full line of corona stations that functionalize the surface of wide web materials for improved adhesion of printing inks, lacquers, glues, and other coatings. Designed for BOPP, BOPET, BOPA and extrusion lines of up to 10 meters. View the brochure in the link below – this is just one of our corona treating systems – and learn more about SOFTAL’s sizable advantages!

CRB Corona Treatment Station. View Brochure Here.

LinearPlasma- electronics

Label System- High energy corona treating station for labels and narrow web

SOFTAL’s CLN system functionalizes the surface of web materials to improve adhesion of printing inks, lacquers, adhesives and coatings for labels and more. It is designed for narrow web applications from 260 to 660 mm. The compact design permits installation with minimal space and effort. CLN is both durable and easy to maintain.

Plasma Treating Stations

For surface treatment of thick and sensitive materials up to 2 meters wide, such as plates, glasses, extruded hollow board, foam, honeycombed material and printed electronics. SOFTAL’s Linear Plasma system can be configured to produce potential-free treatment, preventing damage to delicate substrates and embedded electric circuits. Click on the brochure for more information, then give us a call to discuss your application.

LinearPlasma Plasma Surface Modification. View Brochure Here.

LinearPlasma Plasma Surface Modification. View Brochure Here.

Softal Lab System_0747

Corona Laboratory System

Designed for the research and product development utilizing corona treatment on film for coating and painting applications. Treatment time, power level and line speeds are fully adjustable, repeatable and documented. A complete, compact lab system with motorized treatment table and adjustable power and line speed. Read more in SOFTAL’s brochure below or in the article on our Blog by Florian Brehmer, SOFTAL’s Chief Technology Officer.

LTC Laboratory Corona Treatment. View Brochure Here.

LTC Laboratory Corona Treatment. View Brochure Here.

Softal Generator- module

Modular Generator

Designed to keep your production up and running and to create extra power for demanding surface treating lines. The modular generator’s plug-and-play technology allows them to be quickly exchanged. The failure of one does not mean downtime- just a reduced output of power. Keep an extra on hand for non-stop production. Importantly, more modules equal more power, resulting in maximum power output for demanding surface treating lines. See more in the brochure below. SOFTAL’s Modular Generator is just one generator in their comprehensive line of sophisticated generators.

Generator 91001 - 5-24kW. View Brochure Here.Generator 91001 – 5-24kW. View Brochure Here.


For more information regarding surface treatment view the SOFTAL brochure below or visit their website at

SOFTAL Corona Treatment Brochure. View Brochure Here.

SOFTAL Corona Treatment Brochure.


See more products from SOFTAL at our Foam, Glass and Plastics Sheets page.

Let 3DT, SOFTAL’s representatives in North America, answer your questions by calling 262-253-6700 or fill out the form below. SOFTAL – Adhesion Guaranteed!

Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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