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PolyDyne Treating interior of tube

PolyDyne’s corona electrode treats the interior of a tube.

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PolyDyne Corona Treating System

PolyDyne™ is the most versatile and efficient system in 3DT’s product line. It is specifically suited for the use in high-speed printing, assembly, extrusion and coating lines. Treatment from the interior surface of needle hubs to large bumpers, and thin plastic sheets to wide foam material is possible. PolyDyne delivers corona treatment to the exact part needed and, thereby increases adhesive properties regardless of shape. With PolyDyne it’s now possible to corona treat virtually any three-dimensional polymer surface delicately, quickly and efficiently

State-of-the-art PolyDyne corona treating systems include a full complement of accessories, and are designed for easy installation and maintenance. The PolyDyne corona treating system features:

A generator and one dry air transformer each enclosed within durable EMC-containing aluminum cabinets; the generator and transformer are connected via an EMC-shielded high frequency cable.

  • Dynamic generator with a liquid crystal display that shows watt-voltage applied and treating timer
  • Microprocessor controls
  • State-of-the-art, solid-state circuitry
  • An innovative frequency matching system that allows generator, transformer, and electrode systems to self-adjust and operator concurrently

PolyDyne corona treating systems are designed for maximum flexibility; a series of transformers can be combined to produce optimal treatment for any application. For safe handling of the treatment voltage, a series of standard electrode components and modules are available. 3DT also offers system solutions including custom-made electrode systems, ozone eliminators, material handling systems, design, manufacturing, installation, and service.

Available Summer 2017 – 3DT’s Most Powerful and Sophisticated System Yet

3DT’s Newly Updated System for Unparalleled Corona Treatment: PolyDyne Pro

PolyDyne Pro –  Utilizing the newest science in surface treatment and electronic technology, PolyDyne Pro is designed for convenience, intelligence, and consistent, powerful corona treatment. 

Our new, versatile, high-performance corona treatment station improves the surface tension on numerous materials resistant to printing, adhesive, and coating processes. Engineered with multiple feedback devices to monitor performance and ensure reliable, powerful, repeatable treatment. PolyDyne Pro is designed to adapt to many types of applications, such as 3-dimensional plastic parts, medical devices, plastics sheets, corrugated, foam materials and more.


  • Universal Input allows operation between 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Sophisticated remote interface that can be used to enable the generator, set and monitor output power level
  • Color touchscreen where the user can monitor all system parameters, view the data log, alarm history and receive troubleshooting help
  • Programmable for various treatment modes- product sensing, timed, or continuous
  • Data log to record operation history to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Compact design allows for easy integration into production lines

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Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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