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Hot Needle Perforators

The hot needle perforating system is by far the most popular method for perforating flexible substrates for the food and plant packaging industries. Perforated packaging is well-suited for the food industry keeping food fresher longer due to its moisture exchanging/breathable properties. AFS produces a superior product for the following reasons:

  • Modular construction of high-quality needle segments allows for rapid product change, especially with the optional off-line, pre-heating / cooling frame.
  • Operating temperature, needle depth, and other processing parameters can be set, recorded and controlled from one user-friendly, multi-function control display.
  • Operator-friendly with high safety standards
  • German engineering and quality – US sales, service and support

3DT is proud to partner with AFS throughout North America.

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AFS PM5 Hot-Needle Perforator. View Brochure Here.

AFS PM5 Hot-Needle Perforator. View Brochure Here.

AFS PM5 Perforator

AFS Hot Needle Perforators

Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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