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3DT delivers innovative, reliable and effective corona and plasma surface treatment solutions.
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Surface Treatment for Foam, Glass, Plastic Sheets, and Corrugated Material

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Yes, thick, bulky, rigid, and uneven items can be surface treated with atmospheric plasma and corona treatment yielding highly improved surface adhesion.

Typically, foam, glass, plastic sheets and corrugated materials have poor wettability and are difficult to manage for surface treatment. Some examples of the challenges are:

  • Precut plastic sheets are resistant to media and require surface treatment prior to finishing applications.
  • The properties of foam cause numerous bonding challenges, such as applying adhesives.
  • Glass often needs micro cleaning prior to painting, printing or coating.
  • Due to their material make up and uneven surfaces, corrugated plastic boards and siding resist post-processing applications.

3DT’s systems overcome these difficulties with proven technology and thoughtful engineering. High-performing machinery, state of the art technology, and dependable production are possible with 3DT. Our corona and plasma systems greatly increase the bonding of inks, coatings, and adhesives to substrates. The systems below, manufactured by 3DT and SOFTAL, are designed for these challenges!

PolyDyne Corona Treatment Conveyor System

PolyDyne Conveyor System

3DT’s versatile PolyDyne Conveyor System is specifically designed for corona treating sheets of plastic up to 3 mm thick and 660 mm wide. It is well-suited for production lines or manual treating stations for simple, recipe-based operation that yields high volume, consistent results.

View the PolyDyne Conveyor System in a test trial here.

3DT Sheet Treater

Sheet Treating System

3DT’s Sheet Treating System uses corona technology to increase surface energy and thereby creating strong bonds between substrates and inks, laminates, coatings and adhesives. This system can be set inline prior to printing or lamination, or used as a free-standing, manual system. Sheets, at a maximum of 62”, are placed on the conveyer, and pass under a highly energized corona field. A built in sensor automatically tells the system when to turn on and off treatment. A process-controlled interface delivers uniform, dependable and repeatable surface treatment.

Linear Plasma SOFTAL, treating
linear plasma station flexible, foam, SOFTAL

Linear Plasma Treating Station

SOFTAL has created this specialty system for surface treatment of thick and sensitive materials up to 2 meters wide, such as plates, glass, extruded hollow board, foam, honeycombed material and printed electronics. SOFTAL’s Linear Plasma system can be configured to produce potential-free treatment, preventing damage to delicate substrates and embedded electric circuits. Click on the brochure for more information, then give us a call to discuss your application.

LinearPlasma Plasma Surface Modification. View Brochure Here.

Linear Plasma Plasma Surface Modification. View Brochure Here.

Softal Linear Plasma Surface Treating Systems. View Brochure Here.

Softal Linear Plasma Surface Treating Systems. View More Info Here.

Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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