Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

3DT delivers innovative, reliable and effective corona and plasma surface treatment solutions.
Film, Foil, Web
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Below, view an informative video about 2-dimensional surface treatment systems from SOFTAL and AFS.

Corona and Plasma Surface Treatment
for Film, Foil, Web and More

3DT is proud to represent AFS and SOFTAL in North America for sales and service.

SOFTAL and AFS are world leading manufacturers of atmospheric plasma and corona treatment systems for films, foil, plastics, textiles and paper. Decades of experience, intensive research and the high standards of German engineering provide each of these companies with a powerful advantage. What’s more, you can depend on 3DT’s highly trained team for sales, service and support in North America.

From ten-inch label systems to ten meter “wide line” film systems, AFS and SOFTAL manufacture a corona or plasma treatment system to meet your surface treatment needs.

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AFS generator and corona system

Softal Corona BOPP Wide Web

Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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