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BottleDyne Corona Surface Treatment System for Bottles

The BottleDyne™ Corona Surface Treatment System

Utilizing corona treatment, 3DT’s self-container BottleDyne™ system sets new standards for surface treatment technology. It is now possible to corona-treat PE, PET and PP cylindrical containers in fast-paced molding, printing, filling or labeling production lines. Bottles quickly rotate through the system receiving 360° of treatment on all exposed surfaces.

BottleDyne’s corona treatment is highly effective in improving adhesion, yet performs without adverse effects to the surface of containers. This self-contained floor model is built with state-of-the-art components and designed for easy installation into production lines or employed as a stand-alone workstation.

The PLC-controlled system includes an operator console with HMI, a touchscreen with status menu, run-time and service hour logs, and a trouble-shooting screen.

The BottleDyne Surface Treatment System advantages:

  • Treatment of cylindrical containers (treating other shapes is possible, please contact us for details)
  • Line speeds up to 7,000 parts per hour.
  • Treating levels up to 70 mN/m (dyne/cm) depending on the application.
  • Utilizes a process-controlled system for repeatable, consistent results.
  • Compact inline and maintenance-friendly designs with one easy to clean.
  • Open air corona discharge, directed to the surface requiring treatment, for high treating levels, even on polypropylene containers.
  • Easily installed into molding, printing and filling lines or used as a stand-alone work-station.
  • No open flame and no heat developments to contaminate the work environment or to increase insurance premiums.
  • Damage-free, consistent treatment for highly improved adhesion.

BottleDyne’s Surface Treatment System features:

  • Complete, self-contained floor model, with powder coated steel enclosure, for mounting of conveyor belt, guiding system, electrode assembly, generator, transformers and control system. The enclosure is designed with lockable casters and is prepared for ozone exhaust.
  • Dynamic corona generators with state-of-the-art, solid state circuitry and microprocessor control.
  • Dry high voltage transformers to produce necessary high voltage levels.
  • Conveyor belt complete with guide system, polyurethane belts, drive and idle rollers and DC drive motor and variable speed control.
  • Electrode assembly with special profiled electrode and counter electrode for high efficiency pre-treatment.
  • Lane jam detection system.
  • PLC based control system programmed to meet all control requirements.
  • Operator consoles with human machine interface (HMI), includes: Monochrome touch screen with status menu, run-time log, service hour log and alarm/trouble-shooting screen.

Optional equipment for BottleDyne’s Surface Treatment System:

  • Piece counter and automatic carton shift
  • Ozone cleaning system
  • Remote control interface

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Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

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