Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

3DT delivers innovative, reliable and effective corona and plasma surface treatment solutions.
Surface Treating Film, Foil, Web

Surface Treating Film, Foil, Web

3DT offers a wide range of corona and atmospheric plasma treating options including narrow, medium and wide web systems. Our superior, innovative and flexible systems improve the printability, coating and lamination of film, foil and web materials. Learn more.

Surface Treating 3D Objects

Surface Treating 3D Objects

The adhesion of paint, ink, glue and coatings proves difficult on many 3-dimensional surfaces. 3DT’s line of atmospheric plasma and corona treatment systems address these challenges by improving the surface adhesion on numerous substrates. Learn more.

Corona and Plasma Treating Systems for Foam, Glass & Plastic Sheets

Sheets, Panels, Foam, Glass & more.

Corona and atmospheric plasma systems for foam, glass, plastic sheets, corrugated plastic, home siding and more. Learn more about 3DT’s advanced solutions for the powerful adhesion of paint, ink, coatings, and glue to rigid, thick, uneven and bond-resistant materials.

Film, Foil, Web
Foam, Glass, Plastic Sheets
Dyne Test Solution

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Plasma Treatment and Corona Treatment Systems

Improving Adhesion and Bonding on Numerous Substrates

3DT manufactures corona and atmospheric plasma treating systems for superior surface modification. Our systems improve the wettability on surfaces for printing, coating, painting and bonding applications as well as cleaning surfaces and optimizing labware for cell culture growth. A variety of substrates, including plastics, polymers, elastomers, rubber, composites, glass and foam, are treated for increased adhesion and bond strength.

3DT’s innovative line of standard products treat 3-dimensional surfaces and can be viewed to the left or by clicking on the 3-D Objects section above.

We also offer corona and plasma treatment systems for film, foil and web applications, as well as foam, glass, panels, and plastic sheets. Please click on the applicable tab to the left. These systems are manufactured by 3DT and SOFTAL.

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3DT Offers a Complete Line of Surface Treatment Systems:

Why Choose Us? Because 3DT:

  • Supplies comprehensive surface treatment solutions including single source design, manufacture, installation, and service
  • Provides truly custom-engineered systems
  • Offers a complete line of surface treatment equipment for nearly all 3-dimensional and film/web applications
  • Designs and manufactures complete systems including product handling and automation
  • Manufactures systems in Germantown, Wisconsin, USA with proven technology, robust design and state-of-the-art components
  • Backs up each sale with a knowledgeable, experienced sales and service team dedicated to excellent customer service and your success