Revolutionary Technology for Powerful Adhesion

3DT delivers innovative, reliable and effective corona and plasma surface treatment solutions.

Surface Treatment By Industry


Petri dishes, cell wells, test tubes, medical tubing, catheters, syringes, needle hubs, filters, eye lenses, packaging


Fuse covers, engine parts, air bag covers, rubber profiles, tubing, head lights, oil pans, mirror housings

Electronics & Communications

Cables, switches, flexible circuit boards, housings, game and device screens


Steam irons, blenders, rice cookers, cups, measuring containers

Health & Beauty

Bottles, caps, compacts, jars, tubes, pouches

Food & Drug

Enclosures, bottles, jars, caps, corks, packaging, pouches

Building Materials

Window seals and profiles, siding, corrugated cardboard

Film / Web and Packaging Materials

Packaging, labels, cardboard, foam, signs