Alex Kiel

Corona Treatment Systems – Overcoming the Effects of Heat and Humidity

As you know, moisture is an enemy of electronic components. Consequently, with summer’s high heat and humidity, even the best corona treatment equipment will benefit from some simple maintenance. Ozone is a by-product of corona treatment and is easily handled with 3DT’s robust ozone exhaust and filtration equipment. However, in extremely hot and humid conditions [...]

July 17th, 2017|Alex Kiel|

The Engineering Behind 3DT’s Most Sophisticated System Yet- PolyDyne Pro

For Unparalleled Corona Treatment The PolyDyne PRO is the latest product from 3DT. This new, highly advanced corona generator takes queues from the original PolyDyne as well as our successful plasma generators to make the PolyDyne PRO our most powerful, sophisticated and robust system to date. The PolyDyne PRO can either be voltage controlled as [...]

June 26th, 2017|Alex Kiel, General|

Corona vs. Plasma Treatment

One very common question about electrical surface treatment is, “What is the difference between corona and plasma treatment?” With a follow up question, “What best fits my application?” Both corona and plasma treatment increase the surface energy of numerous materials improving the adhesion of inks, adhesives, coatings and other agents. But, they both have unique [...]

August 24th, 2016|Alex Kiel|