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3DT delivers innovative, reliable and effective corona and plasma surface treatment solutions.

What’s new at 3DT-

3DT’s FlexiDyne is a compact, self-contained, floor model corona treating system designed to treat 3-dimensional plastic parts. The FlexiDyne system substantially raises surface energy and thereby improves bonding. It is ideal for the treatment of labware, Petri dishes, multiwell plates, eye lenses, and more. Learn more about FlexiDyne under the Surface Treating for 3D Objects page.

Note how the dyne solution “wets out” on the treated Petri dish to the left, but beads up, resisting the untreated surface on the right. 3DT has THE POWER TO ADHERE!

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Industries Served - corona and plasma surface treatment solutions

Corona Treatment and Plasma Treatment Systems for Improved Surface Adhesion

Backed by more than 25 years of specialized experience in corona and plasma surface treatment, 3DT LLC offers superior adhesion through innovative, powerful and dependable surface treatment systems. 3DT is recognized worldwide as a driving force behind technological improvements in surface treatment.

Our forte? Superior and versatile plasma and corona treatment systems created for a wide variety of applications including cleaning, etching, wetting and functionalizing surfaces. What’s more, 3DT’s systems provide highly improved bonding properties for printing, coating, laminating, painting and adhesive applications as well as enhancing surfaces for cell culture growth. Our line of standard and custom products can be supplied as either stand-alone workstations or as semi – to fully – automated systems. All of our products can be conveniently incorporated into a customer’s new or existing production lines.

3DT’s versatile surface treatment systems improve the adhesion and bonding on a wide variety of substrates, including plastics, polymers, elastomers, composites, glass, paper, foam and metal. For more information about the technology and science behind the corona and atmospheric plasma processes see The Process page, as well as our blog- The Power to Adhere.

3DT is a leader in the surface treatment industry because only 3DT:

  • Supplies comprehensive surface treatment solutions including single source design, manufacture, installation, and service
  • Provides truly custom-engineered systems
  • Offers a complete line of surface treatment equipment for nearly all 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional (film/web) applications
  • Designs and manufactures complete systems including product handling and automation
  • Manufactures systems that are built in Germantown, Wisconsin, USA with proven technology, robust design and state-of-the-art components
  • Backs up each sale with a knowledgeable, experienced sales and service team dedicated to excellent customer service and your success

Additionally, 3DT represents AFS and SOFTAL, both of Germany, who are powerhouses in film/web surface treatment utilizing corona and plasma technology, as well as hot needle perforation.

Please see our comprehensive line of products below and contact us at 1-262-253-6700 or to discuss how we can meet your surface treatment needs.